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Vauntium's team of experts and My Market Tookit software suite are built to compliment your currenty offerings and extend your business solutions quickly and cost effectively. Imagine increasing your capabilities overnight while cutting up to 80% of the development time and cost needed to get business solutions to your customers. 

Partnering with Vauntium for Business Growth

Do your customers ask you about Website Development, Design and Management, CRM Solutions, Project Management, Email Marketing or File Management? If so, you're in the right place. Vauntium has over 10 years experience and a unique Saas platform that can help you provide custom solutions in these areas overnight. We have a team of developers, designers, project managers and marketing professionals ready to customize a solution for the services your customers are already asking for. Launch your business into the next phase of growth by partnering with Vauntium. 

Case Study - Clairvoyix

Clairvoyix, a data and marketing services company was looking for a partner who could help them enhance their offering by providing an enterprise class portal where their customers could, schedule and review their projects, view campaign results, have centralized access to resources and get deep data analysis. Prior to engaging with Vauntium Clairvoyix was looking at several months of development work and a sizeable budget for the project. By partnering with Vauntium and leveraging the My Market Toolkit platform the project was delivered in less than a week at a fraction of the budget. With the success of the first portal, Clairvoyix has been able to realize a profitable new revenue stream by providing dozens of their customers with these portals. 

Features Built to Maximize ROI

My Market Toolkit is here to jump start your business with a custom solution. 

Web Development & Design

Whether It's a targeted landing page, bespoke e-commerce store, affiliate marketing network site, custom dashboard or a fleet of sites you need to roll out, we've got the expertise to make you look great and perform online. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It doesn't matter if you're just starting out and have a single salesman or need to manage a fleet of remote professionals. Our CRM solution has the core features you need and can be customized to fit your sales process and workflow. 

Project Management

When a sale comes through one of the first pain points is transitioning from the "sales" systems to the project management flows. We leap frog this with MMT. All of the customer's sales documents, data etc. can be made available to the project team from a single interface in a matter of just a few clicks. 

3rd Party Apps

Having an amazing SaaS platform gives you a headstart in bringing your custom solution to market. When you need even more, we're here to help. We've designed My Market Toolkit to leverage core functions while maintaining the ablity to create and integrate 3rd party web apps with less cost and a shorter time to market.

Email Marketing

Email marketing takes several forms. My Market Toolkit is built to handle massive broadcasts, targeted just-in-time messaging and automated drip messaging. This potent capability is magnified by being natively integrated with both the web management  (CMS) and customer management(CRM) functions.

Professional Services

With decades of experience and deep expertise our team is ready to help you take your solution from the back of a napkin to fully executed strategy. Whether its a completely greenfield project or  re-designing legacy software solutions our experts will work with you to create the solution that fits. 

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Here are a few clients who have leveraged our capablities to launch their growth. 


A custom portal solution that provided a clean easy to navigate interface to access analytics, training data and project management has made this partner more efficient and provided a high volume workflow solution they never thought possible. 

Pacific Northwest AAU

This widely known youth sports organization needed a partner to get their online presence established in a sustainable way. MMT gave them an elegant and scaleable solution that could accomodate a myriad of sports and be easily updated by their staff. 

Ward and Smith Business Consulting

This well established business wanted to create a "spinoff" of their core law practice and so they turned to us. Our custom web solution with integrated video and blog management on an easy to update platform was a perfect fit for their needs and launched their new venture out of the gates quickly. 

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